EC Woods Tacoma Outdoor Poly Bar with Group at Lakeside

The ultimate in entertaining guests... Our Tacoma Bar modules offer unlimited design possibilities. Click here for popular bar layouts with measurements.

Tacoma Bar

  • 5 stylish, highly versatile modules
  • 20" bar, 34" bar, 60" bar (inside corner, outside corner)
  • Customize any space to create the perfect entertainment area. From a simple one piece stand alone bar to a complex bar with unlimited lengths and shapes.
  • Any space indoors or outdoors is sure to become your entertainment hotspot.
  • Light up your evening with our colored LED light option. Lights are fastened to the bottom of the top. The remote control has factory preset light changing options to choose from, or you can create your own to fit any mood.
  • Length Options:

    • 20"l x 29"d x 42"h
    • 34"l x 29"d x 42"h
    • 60"l x 29"d x 42"h

Bar Layout Planner

Here are a few of the popular layouts with measurements to assist you in planning your own entertainment space.

EC Woods Tacoma Outdoor Poly Bar Inside and Outside Corner Table

Inside/Outside Corner

  • Dimensions:

    • 31 ½"l x 31 ½"d x 42"h
EC Woods Tacoma Outdoor Poly Barstool

Tacoma Barstool

  • Height Options:

    • counter – 24"
    • bar – 30"
EC Woods Outdoor Poly Table Umbrella Support

Colored LED Light (Option)

EC Woods Tacoma Outdoor Poly Bar Optional Glass Rack

Glass & Bottle Rack (Option)

EC Woods Tacoma Outdoor Poly Bar Rear Mount Umbrella Support Option

Umbrella Support (Option)

Available for Tacoma bar, the umbrella support (option) attaches to the back side of the bar.